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Manuele Cerutti
Gleiches zu Gleichem
Feb. 25 – April 16, 2017

With Manuele Cerutti (born 1976) the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum is presenting one of the most interesting young Italian artists – in the Rudolf-Scharpf-Galerie, which is dedicated to new projects. The show will run from February 25 to April 16, 2017.

Ceruttis small-sized paintings present everyday objects and organic found objects and juxtapose the profane present with existential transience in an unsettling way. However, it is not just this which makes his painting as fascinating as it is enigmatic: Mysterious shadow plays, unreal constructs, the confrontation of the abstract and the figurative, all these elements highlight painting’s immense representational range. Shadows detach from their objects and suddenly have a life of their own. Motives painted over shimmer through layers of paint and visualize things that were once there but are now past. Cerutti addresses the materiality of the canvas and the properties of the painted object in such a way as to underscore fundamental questions relating to perception and knowledge, discussing the act of seeing itself.

The wondrous arrangement of such different items alludes to both the history of the still life and a whole raft of iconographic references. The tenderness, contradictoriness and transience innate in these images also emphasize clear artistic parallels to contemporary sculpture. While the images in greyish brown hues seem to have fallen out of time, precisely behind these harmless surfaces of concentrated intimacy and silence lurk decidedly philosophical allegories on the paradox of the present.

Manuele Cerutti lives and works in Turin, where he graduated in 2001 from the state art academy, the Accademia Albertina. He has already won many awards, including in 2004 the Illy Prize (Artissima, Present Future) at the Turin art fair and in 2011 the Talent Prize bestowed by Museo Centrale Montemartini. Cerutti is the co-founder of Progetto Diogene bivacco urbano, an initiative founded in 2007 with an international fellowship in Turin and an independent art academy. His works have already been shown in several European countries and are to be found in many private collections.

Curators: René Zechlin and Julia Nebenführ

Manuele Cerutti
Ritratto di eroe (XII), 2015
oil on canvas, 28,7 × 22,5 cm
private collection Turin

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