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A garden for everybody!

The Wilhelm Hack Museum community garden has been located on Hans Klüber Platz, at the rear of the museum building, since 2012.
Flowers, vegetables and herbs are grown in boxes on pallets. Wild bee houses, beehives and a walk-in flowerpot enhance the garden, as do the fountains made of found objects and the summerhouse, a converted art transport crate. The urban gardening project is popular among the citizens of Ludwigshafen, who use it in diverse ways, be it for gardening, as a place for learning and relaxation, a meeting place or a platform for parties and cultural events. The museum garden for everyone is a green oasis in the middle of the city, a place to meet people and spend time together. A program is running in 2015 too, encompassing intercultural festivals, concerts and workshops.

Everybody is invited to become a gardener, kindergartens, schools, clubs and groups join in to make use of the garden. More than 200 people plant plants, flowers, vegetables and herbs in boxes and crates. The formerly grey and tarred square in the little frequented area behind the museum with an area of 1,000 square meters is now turned into a green oasis. With this, the square has become a new, extended part of the museum. During summer, numerous events, like concerts, botanical guided tours, workshops about organic make-up production, plant dyes, jams and international cuisine have been initiated by the gardeners or in cooperation with the Kultursommer and the Kultur Rhein-Neckar e.V.

The hack museum ART garden is supported by Foundation anstiftung & ertomis, BASF SE and numerous other sponsors. Why not drop by? Everyone can join in and plant their own flowerbed! More information at: www.facebook.com/Hackgarten

Theresia Kiefer, Regina Pfiester

With the generous support of
BASF SE Baumschule HUBEN Ladenburg Foundation anstiftung & ertomis

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