A garden for everyone!

The communal garden of the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum has been located in Hans-Klüber-Platz, at the rear of the museum building, since 2012.

Flowers, vegetables and herbs are grown in boxes on palettes. Wild bee houses, beehives and an accessible flowerpot enrich the garden, as do the fountain constructed from found objects and the art transportation crates that have been repurposed as a garden house. The Urban Gardening project is used in diverse ways by Ludwigshafen’s residents, whether for gardening, a place for learning or relaxation, as a meeting place or a platform for parties and cultural events. In addition, a food-sharing venue that is supplied by an association has been located in the garden since the summer of 2015. Anyone who wants to can take foodstuff from there at no cost and thus help contribute to decreasing food waste. The “Museum Garden for Everyone” is a green idyll in the middle of the city, a place of encounters and community. A varied program takes place there every season, ranging from intercultural celebrations to concerts and workshops. Everyone can take part and plant his own patch.

The hack-museumsgARTen is accompanied and supported by the Stiftungsgemeinschaft anstiftung & ertomis, BASF SE, GAG Ludwigshafen and numerous sponsors.

Curator: Theresia Kiefer


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