Experience Art! - For Schools and Kindergartens

Do you want to visit the museum with your school class, your kindergarten or day-care group? No problem. We offer a variety of concepts that are adapted for different age groups and institutions. You can book guided tours, guides and works (with practical activities) and special offerings.

We regularly offer Teacher's Night for all types of pedagogues, where you can inform yourselves about our current exhibitions. You can also book further education courses on the exhibitions or specific themes such as colour, painting techniques or special materials. We will be happy to advise you; be open for something new.


Kunst aus dem Koffer

Come joins us for an art expedition !

The mobile museum suitcase is big, yellow and packed with art and comes to your kindergarten and primary school.


Exploring art together!

For preschoolers as well as students from all types of school and ages. 

Führen und Werken

Experience Art - Design Art!

After an exciting tour through the museum you can get creative at the studio with numerous painting utensils. 

For Pedagogues

Workshops: Learning to teach art!

Individual workshops and continued education courses on all exhibitions or special artistic themes can be booked by interested educators of all types.

 We will gladly help in finding the subject that interests you most.