Kunst aus dem Koffer

Join us on an artistic expedition!

The museum-bag of the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum is big, yellow, and filled to the brim with art. It is travelling to kindergarten and elementary schools in and around Ludwigshafen. The museums own art-mediators take children (age 5-9) on a journey and make the museum experienceable with all senses. In a playful way and with the use of themed boxes questions like what the museum is and what is shown there, will be answered. The bag includes replicas of sculptures and artworks from the collection of the museum, which can be researched by children.

The unusual facade of the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, the so called „Miro-Wand“ is the probably one of the most iconic sights of the museum. The wall also plays a special role with “Kunst aus dem Koffer “. Right after the exploration of the mobile museum it is time to step up and to get creative by experimenting with colours, forms, and materials, all from the museum bag!


For registration and further information please contact


T +49 621 504 3403

Duration: 90 Minutes

Age: 5-9

Costs: 100 Euro/ any additional date 50 Euro

Date: On demand (Tuesday – Sunday)

Misc.: registration 2 weeks before