Katja Aufleger

Schwindelerregende Höhen

In her solo exhibition "Schwindelerregende Höhen" Katja Aufleger (born 1983 in Oldenburg) deals with aspects of tension in different aesthetic forms. Oftentimes, Auflegers artistic works focus on moments just before something happens or a possible turn of events. An example is the creation of potentially explosive glass sculptures that could result in a detonation.

Her work cycle "SIRENS" (2019) can be experienced visually and auditory at the Rudolf-Scharpf-Galerie. Made of sand from a singing wandering dune in Qatar, she created elegant hand blown glass pipes that imitate the sound of the dune. Auflegers works are regularly based on hard to gasp phenomena such as this wandering dune. Her transfomations of aesthetic are precise and humorous, poetic as well as explorative.

The artistic works, which are extensively researched and conceptually composed with particular handling of materials, form special moments of tension at a precise perception. But they also encourage exploring and reflecting on far-reaching philosophical and aesthetic questions.

The artist was rewarded with numerous prizes and her works can be found in renowned art collections.    

Accompanying the exhibition is a wide-ranging catalog that was executed with generous support of the foundation Kunstfonds.

Curated by Julia Katharina Thiemann

Katja Aufleger having a conversation with curator Julia Katharina Thiemann