History of the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum

Until 29 March 2020

Numerous dignitaries from the world of culture, politics and finance, including then federal president Walter Scheel, were present in Ludwigshafen on 28 April 1979 for the ceremony marking the opening of the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum after a four-year construction period. Over 400 group and solo exhibitions dedicated to modern and contemporary art have been shown over the course of the following decades, attracting a large number of interested visitors to to the city.
The museum’s 40th anniversary occasions a look back at its history: Who was Wilhelm Hack and how did the museum come about? These and further questions are explored in the multiperspectival exhibition with the help of historical newspaper clippings, films, photographs, letters, interviews and posters. The Cabinet Piece intends to provide insights into the history of the museum and its collections that spans the timeframe from the beginning of the city’s art collecting activities after 1918 to the present day.