Kabinettstücke: Intime Blicke


Sometimes artists grant us a view at private moments of our daily life.

The interior is the ideal place for a furtively gaze into a foreign living environment. The private inside was becoming an important subject in the art of the 19th century in which the reality the of life of the portrayed is displayed, often without them realising the voyeuristic gaze upon them. It is mostly women, which are shown reading, sawing, handling a child or using the bathroom. The intimacy of the chosen moment creates an emotional connection between the picture and the viewer. The line between art and observer is getting blurred. This closure is also suggested by the many self-portraits around the turn of the last century. Often, they grant the viewer insight into the state of an artist’s soul and at the same time the view of the artist is fusing both worlds stronger together.

The exhibition will focus on the quieter often melancholic tones before and between the decades of “Zeiten des Aufbruchs”.