Skafte Kuhn

28/09/2019 – 05/01/2020

Skafte Kuhn’s sculptures and collages are abstracted descriptions of continuous transformation and change. Amorphous crystalline sculptures reveal associations to futuristic awakenings and the past with paradoxical simultaneity. Kuhn’s works, which in many cases have been influenced by neo-romantic literature and song texts, attempt to pictorially capture ungraspable aspects of such sensations as moods, feelings and desires. In his more recent pieces, Skafte Kuhn develops human figures from illustrations he found in magazine and advertisements. With the help of enlargements, overlappings and crystalline applications, for example, Kuhn deconstructs and then reconstructs the images, transmitting them into a foreign state of seemingly constant transformation. In the sense that the familiar and concrete is transformed here into the realm of strange uncertainty, the works can be viewed as metaphors for our times. Wide-ranging insights into Skafte Kuhn’s multifaceted oeuvre can be garnered from the exhibition’s combination of older and recent works. Skafte Kuhn (born 1969, lives in Mannheim) studied with Stephan Balkenhol at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Karlsruhe. He has received numerous prizes and has presented his works in many solo and group shows at home and abroad.

Exhibition views "Bonjour Melencolia"

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