Thomas Scheibitz – Master Plan\cinema

19 May – 12 August 2018

The work of Thomas Scheibitz (born 1968 in Radeberg) oscillates between the poles of painting and sculpture. The artist has attracted much attention since his first major international exhibition in the German Pavilion at the 2005 Venice Biennale and has gained in stature ever since. He is now one of the most highly regarded artists of his generation. The exhibition conceived jointly by the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum and the Kunstmuseum Bonn presents new series of large-scale pieces in a dialogue with selected works from the time between 1995 and 2016, visualising the evolution, the continuity as well as the new approaches inherent to the oeuvre of Thomas Scheibitz. 

The relationship between figuration and abstraction is frequently at the centre of the artist’s production. Architectural forms, letters of the alphabet, playing cards, houses, birds and landscapes are transformed in an artistic process of “reduction, simplification and clarification” (Thomas Scheibitz). Painting and sculpture enter into a continual interaction. The forms become independent, veer away from the models, attain a life of their own and become sculptural before turning pictorial again. It represents a dynamic form of abstraction that artistically questions, dissects and reassembles the present. 

Featuring circa 80 works, more than half of which were newly produced for the exhibitions in Bonn and Ludwigshafen, Master Plan\Cinema is one of the most comprehensive exhibitions developed by the artist in the last decade.

Curator: René Zechlin