TOP_0022 Meisterschüler*innen 26/06/2022–14/08/2022

A total of 19 artists from the circle of current master students of the Karlsruhe State Academy of Fine Arts are guests with their artistic works in the Rudolf-Scharpf-Gallery of the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen. 
The Rudolf-Scharpf-Gallery primarily serves to present the next generation of artists and is therefore the ideal place for the most talented graduates of the Free Art program, who have been selected by their professors and bear the title ‘Master Student.
The master students of the State Academy of Fine Arts, who are appointed by their professors, receive a two-semester extension of studies, a studio space, and can continue to use all facilities of the academy. The professionalization phase ends with an exhibition and a catalog production.
The 19 master students this year are: 
Maximilian Bernhard, Wenzel Maria Binder, Hsuan-wie Chen, Donna α, Julia Dörflinger, Manuel Dück, Sarai Rose Duke, Simon Fischer, Hannah Gahlert, Pauline Gosselin, Pollo Guzmán, Seona Jeong, Si Eun Kim, Hojeong Lee, Li Muhua, Raoul Muck, okTONdi©, Solveig Schaper und Tim Wahrendorff.