Kabinettstück 13/04/2022–19/06/2022 

Staatspreis und Förderpreis für das Kunsthandwerk Rheinland-Pfalz 2022
Preis des Handwerks 2022

Craftsmanship and design quality form the basis for the innovative further development of a rich tradition of craftsmanship. For many years, the State Prize and the Sponsorship Prize for Crafts Rhineland-Palatinate, together with the Crafts Prize, have been promoting these achievements and setting new standards time and again. 
For the 21st time, the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, together with the Chambers of Crafts of the state, has awarded the State Prize. The Sponsorship Prizes are awarded for the 26th time, and the Crafts Prize has also been handed over every three years since 1998.
Ambitious up-and-coming talents and experienced craftspeople have followed the invitation to participate. Future-oriented ideas and above-average works from the areas of ceramics, jewelry, metal, gemstone, and wood were awarded prizes in 2022. The selected pieces of the prize winners and competition participants are on display in an exhibition at the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum and are documented in a catalog