STREET LIFE at the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum takes visitors on a journey through the streets of the classical modernity until present time. As a place of representation, self-staging and communication as well as resistance or protest, the street forms a vital link of various areas of life, social groups and interests. Applied across media and eras, the exhibition displays different artistic appropriations of this dynamic place. From the expressionists ambivalent street scenes about the conquest of the street in context of Happening and graffiti to the recent developments within the framework of globalization and democracy movements. Around 120 artworks are shown including artists like Joseph Beuys, Sophie Calle, Christo, Valie Export, George Grosz, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Helen Levitt, Adrian Piper, Barbara Probst, Beat Streuli and Peter Weibel.

Exhibition period: 19 November 2022 – 5 March 2023
Curator: Dr. Astrid Ihle