Toutes Directions – The Marcel Duchamp Prize

The Marcel Duchamp Prize is one of the most prestigious international prizes for contemporary art. Founded in 1994 by the French collectors association ADIAF, it is awarded annually to one of four nominated French artists. In its ‘All Directions’ exhibition, the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum presents the artists who were nominated for the 2014 Marcel Duchamp Prize, Théo Mercier, Julien Prévieux, Florian and Michaël Quistrebert and Evariste Richer, as well as five recent prize-winners: Latifa Echakhch (2013), Mircea Cantor (2011), Saâdane Afif (2009), Laurent Grasso (2008) and Mathieu Mercier (2003). 
The juxtaposition of the artists nominated in 2014 and the former prize-winners in the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum makes the unambiguous affinity to the themes and strategies of the eponymous artist Marcel Duchamp. Conceptual shifts in the meaning of everyday objects can be found in a wide range of variations in the exhibited works. The selection of artists furthermore underscores the significance of Marcel Duchamp as one of the key forefathers of contemporary art.

Curators: Astrid Ihle, René Zechlin