Benedikt Hipp – I’ve never trusted my eyes, or my ears

Benedikt Hipp (born 1977) is one of the most distinctive young figures in the current art scene. He studied at the Fine Arts Academy in Munich and has developed a technically discerning painting style since that time with which he introduces the viewer to mysterious worlds featuring dark convoluted spatial situations and exotic bodies and characters. Hipp is increasingly staging the mystical and secretive painted pictorial worlds in the form of extensive theatre-like spatial compositions. The exhibition conceived especially for the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum features new works, which transform the exhibition level into an accessible pictorial space encompassing paintings, installations and sculptures in an unconventional exhibition architecture. The exhibition presents Hipp’s examinations of cultic spaces and objects and takes the viewer on a journey to diverse spatial situations, pictures and things that suggest an enchanting and magical ritualistic significance.

Curator: René Zechlin