Sandra Kranich

Light and fire are important means of design in the sculptures, pictures and installations of Sandra Kranich (born 1971). The trained pyrotechnical specialist shapes her works with the tools of pyrotechnics as an integral component in the creative process. In this way, her work combines construction and destruction, control and chance.
Sandra Kranich’s fireworks resemble test assemblies in which the poetic side of the play with fire and colour enters into a dialogue with the aspect of power, destruction and chance. The foundation of Sandra Kranich’s ‘light drawings’ encompasses ostensibly constructivist sculptures and pictures she developed with the use of paper, wood or metal. At the moment of ignition, the static starting situation explodes into a sparkling choreography. In the process, the artist relies on colour and the effects of the individual pyrotechnic articles for the dramaturgy of her light drawings, which can be arranged in a playful abstract manner or as a narrative.

Curators: Astrid Ihle, Jana Franze