Material & Possibilities – Works from the Collection

After the previous presentation from the collection explored the importance of form in 20th-century art, the exhibition ‘Material & Possibilities’ focuses attention on the materials, without which there would be no forms. For centuries, the choice of artistic materials remained relatively constant until industrial manufacturing in the 19th century and the radical expansion of the concept of art in the 20th century led to a veritable explosion of materials considered worthy of being use in the production of art. Presented under the keys words Commonplace, Colour, Light, Language and Gold, ‘Material & Possibilities’ presents the multifaceted applications and meanings of artistic materials based on the holdings in the museum’s own collection. Along with works by such artists as Adolf Luther, Kasimir Malevich, Louise Nevelson and Kurt Schwitters, the thematic show incorporates medieval art for the first time.

Curator: Nina Schallenberg