Ricarda Roggan – ECHO

Ricarda Roggan (born 1972) is one of the most important German photographers of her generation. The photographic series by the Leipzig-based artist focus attention on those things that lead a shadowy existence: disused furniture, demolished automobiles or the archived legacies of philosophers, literary figures and composers. The objects depicted in her meticulously staged pictorial worlds unfold a quiet magic in the photographic space, which directs the viewer’s attention at their peculiarities. Roggan creates pictorial spaces full of echoes and reverberations that stimulate our own personal memories and associations, allowing the histories of the respective things to unfold without divulging them. Featuring her photographic works from 2001 to the present, the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum is presenting the most comprehensive survey exhibition to date to be dedicated to Ricarda Roggan. For her show in Ludwigshafen, which the product of a collaboration with the Kunstverein Hannover, Ricarda Roggan has produced new works that enter into a dialogue with the exhibition venue. One series represents a kind of staging of the visitor’s benches in the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum and photographs of objects from the Ernst Bloch Centre supplement the most recent ‘Apocrypha’ series.

Curators: Astrid Ihle, René Zechlin