Bernd Ribbek

30 April – 26 June 2016

Bernd Ribbeck’s (born 1974) small-format abstract paintings open a fascinating depth and aura of colour and form by means of such geometrical shapes as circles, ellipses and triangles. The complex compositions comprising intricate overlapping areas and geometrical lines are produced in an intense painting process of applying and rubbing acrylics, pen or pigment marker on wood or paper. Bernd Ribbeck frequently reflects on very diverse modernist aesthetic strategies in his compact pictures, creating a stimulating link to the history of abstraction in the collection of the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum. The exhibition presents several series of works from public and private collections. The exhibition architecture was designed by Bernd Ribbeck in collaboration with the artist Raphael Danke. Exhibition and catalogue were produced in cooperation with the Museum Haus Konstruktiv in Zurich.