Enrico Bach – BASS

29 April - 16 July 2017, Rudolf-Scharpf-Gallery

Are they colour fields or convoluted, intricate spaces? Spatiality and surface virtually seem to be competing with each other in the brilliantly intense luminosity of Enrico Bach’s (born 1980, lives in Karlsruhe) abstract paintings. Strict geometrical shapes and areas overlap each other, suggesting the potential of a space that remains mysteriously hidden. Enrico Bach plays with the illusion of a uniform pictorial space that he regularly dispels. Employing the simplest of formal vocabularies and a sophisticated technique, he opens the viewer up to new visual experiences. Enrico Bach studied with Anselm Reyle, Olaf Holzapfel, Jonas Burgert and Gustav Kluge (master student) at the State Fine Arts Academy in Karlsruhe. The presentation at the Rudolf-Scharpf-Galerie features several works produced especially by Enrico Bach for this show. The artist is already represented in a number of international Collections.

Curatorin: Julia Nebenführ