Manuele Cerutti: The Self is the Same

25 February – 16 April, Rudolf-Scharpf-Galerie

With Manuele Cerutti (born 1976, lives in Turin), the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum is presenting one of Italy’s most interesting up-and-coming artists in its project gallery. Cerutti and his small-format paintings are just as fascinating as they are puzzling. Everyday objects are grouped with organic found items, creating ever new and vexing juxtapositions of the profane present with the existential past. Mysterious shadow plays, unreal constructions and confrontations between abstraction and representationalism address the potentials of painting. The pictures executed in a greyish brown hue make a timeless impression. Behind the ostensibly harmless surfaces, however, essential philosophical allegories on the paradox of the present day are concealed in concentrated intimacy and tranquillity.

Curators: René Zechlin, Julia Nebenführ